fredag 31 augusti 2012

Back home

We are back home again after a nice but kind of exhausting trip to Helsinki.
Sometimes 45 minutes can feel like a whole day, at least when you are in a train with a baby that doesn't wanna stop crying. Luckily most people already left the train at some earlier stops, coz even if most people can understand that sometimes babies just cry, it always feels worse when there are lots of people around... Funny thing was that when we were ready to leave the train, he fell asleep, just like that, and slept the whole way home, which was 1 hour by car, and than slept until 3 am. I guess he was kind of exhausted aswell...
Despite that, the trip went well, and it was so good to see my love again. Even if it is just for a short while, it means so much. Now I guess I can survive another 2 months without him, even if it feels lonely sometimes.

Daddy´s boy

Cutest boys in the world

tisdag 28 augusti 2012

What a difference

Summer is over, at least the last couple of days been very cold, windy and rainy

This was 9 days ago, when we enjoyed our one and only day on the beach this summer... Lucas had a tent to relax in...

And this is today....

Even Lucas enjoyed putting more clothes on...

Tomorrow we are going to Helsinki again, coz on thursday we will meet Lucas Daddy :)
This time we are going on our own with the train, but in Helsinki we will meet my friends and spend the night at her family's house. Hopefully Lucas will enjoy the train ride.

måndag 13 augusti 2012

Time to start again

I will give it another chance, after a long time of not writing. But who has time to write when they have the cutest baby in the world to take care of. 
Like every parent know and I've been told plenty of times, the time is flying when you have a baby, and it is more true than I ever could imagine. Our little baby is already 5 weeks. It feels like we are only getting up in the morning, and suddenly it is 4 pm and half the day has gone by.

Soooo cute 

And even more cute

Meeting daddy for the first time <3

Happy family